Friday, Oct. 31, 2008

Please dear God, Paul, I hope you think to read this. Email is down, soemthing about a virus, I can’t get anywhere near Gmail, and the phones have been clogged for the past fifteen minutes. I’ve got the radio on and they say that there were explosions in the DC Metro, I don’t know where the hell your hotel was, I can’t find the fucking receipt online so I don’t know if you would have been at Dupont Circle, that’s where they say most of the casualties are.

There was a answering machine message from M when I got back from playgroup — someone came down int he middle of “Baby Shark” to tell us to turn on the news — in Brooklyn, she and the baby are fine, but they haven’t heard from J. He might have been near Grand Central, they say that’s where a lot fo the casualties are there. She must have gotten through on the phone before the lines gave out.

I’ve got the cell next to me but it’s “all lines are busy” all the time so blog first and I’ll keep hitting refresh on the blog. Oh please god paul, please god call me or blog or soemthing, please god I wish I could remember where you hotel was, please be okay. I love you. April loves you. Oh please be okay.

Anyone esle reading this…. don’t open your email, esp. anything that says “I’m OK.” NPR says there’s a virus or worm or something. If you have news about any of our friends or family in NYC, DC, or Chicago, please post comments.

Please Paul, please be okay. Oh God, I love you.


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