Roll Credits

Hello all and welcome as I finally break the fourth wall.

For those not sure, yes, NIJOT is offically complete as a story.  It was always concieved of as a one-year project, and I think we got everything into the story that we intended to.

I’d like to extend some special thanks, especially to my wife who pushed me to try this in the first place instead of just talking about “wouldn’t it be neat if…”  As you know, she quickly got wrapped up in the project more directly and added a much-needed home-front perspective.  As you don’t know, she was the one who pushed and prodded to make sure that the gaps between posts weren’t a whole lot longer.

The characters presented in NIJOT were often based off of or mixtures of actual people we know here in the Davis Square area.  This became less and less true as the story progressed, but I’d like to thank my friends and family for the inspiration they provided.

I’d like to thank those of you who joined in the project by adding your in-story comments.  In particular, Peter Stinson (who I swear I have never met before this project started) both commented and drove a fair bit of traffic our way.  Other folks at the Alternate History discussion boards gave some needed feedback and support.

That said, the comments are now open for out-of-story questions, discussions, and abuse.  What did you all like?  What didn’t you like?  What was plausible?  What was absurd?

On a technical note, if anyone knows how to re-arrange the posts in WordPress to allow for easier reading in the order posted, please shoot me a note.  Now that the day-by-day portion of the project is over, I’d like to make it easier for folks to read the ‘archives’ in the proper order.


4 responses to “Roll Credits

  1. Thanks for the plug, but I’m sure my limited readerships added little to your traffic.

    I was amazed you kept it up. My attempt at an alternate history blog was a miserable failure, probably because I didn’t have a wife pushing me along. My wife hates my blogging… but that is likely another story.

    As to your story, I thought it wasn’t that far from what could be, if events had started down that path. I thought NIJOT was a thought-provoking read; certainly made me think. And, I hope it made others think, too.

    About us, you noted, “who I swear I have never met before this project started.” The full story is we still haven’t met… Next time I come up to Boston, my birthplace, we’ll have to hook up for drinks or dinner or some such.

    Have you thought about turning the story into a book or a movie?

  2. I really enjoyed this story. Focussing on the actual material changes in daily life made it so real, so riveting. Genevra’s perspective especially brought it down to ground level, not that Paul’s perspective was any less realistic. So many little touches that made the picture whole (the Croatian woman in Neve’s playgroup, for example) amde the blog format perfect for telling this story.

    Funny enough, I stumbled upon NIJOT when I did a google search on the New England flag.

    Thanks for the booklist, too!

  3. Well, bravo for finishing. And my apologies for jumping in so eagerly at the beginning and then bailing at it progressed. I feel I need to explain what happened.

    The truth is you wanted to tell a cautionary tale that was just too dark for us to enjoy while living in a highly polarized, frightened period of history. It was a fine piece of alternate history, well researched and told well and immersively. But we had already been living in the shadow of the horrible that was all-too-possible. We needed instead to find reasons to hope rather than fear. When it became clear just how dark a path you were planning to take, we found that we made excuses not to read, and we no longer had any ideas to contribute.

    So, I’m sorry we dropped off with no explanation, and I hope you didn’t think it was personal. Bravo for completing such an ambitious project!

  4. Now, on the actual November 5th, I am more than happy to report NIJOT is rapidly becoming nothing more than a period-piece reflecting the worries of a time.

    Yes, the story was pretty dark. I don’t think that America and the world are out of the woods by far. I like to think that hope and fear are not mutually exclusive. It is better to live in a world of hope and to make decisions based on what you hope will happen. However, it is just as important to recognize your fears and be ready to deal with them.

    I think the real lesson is how often the two meet. I hope that we can have clean-energy, maybe even solar economy. I fear that the current grid will collapse under peak oil, unsustained infrastructure, and possible terrorist attacks. A redundant, decentralized, dispersed solar production system does both. So why don’t we do that?

    There are so many subjects in this country that could really benefit from a fundamental review and overhaul: food policy, energy policy, tele-presence, infrastructure, environmetal policy, defense policy, homeland security, the wars, education, health care, government check-and-balances, open government & records, internation aid…the list goes on.

    I wish the best of luck to our new president-elect. And I thank him and the American people for helping to keep my nightmares from coming true.

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