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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009

We just got back from the hospital, everyone is fine. Well, Paul’s got a nasty bruise on his shoulder, I’m still coughing a little, and April is collapsed in exhaustion, not to mention we’re all reeking of righteous indignation and fear and tear gas. But other than that, we’re fine.

I’ll post more tomorrow.  I’m still so confused as to what exactly happened that I couldn’t write it all down anyway. From our standpoint it was all chaos, screaming children running from masked thugs, a park ranger’s horse screaming through a skirmish line (no, really!), clouds of tear gas, and a frantic dash for safety. If you’ve been watching the news, I’m sure you know more than we do. We’ve been in the ER waiting room for the past seven hours and avoiding the news so as not to upset April any further.

I’ve got to call the grandparents now and let them know that we’re okay. My answering machine has 37 messages on it.


Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008

There was an interesting article in the Globe today about increased security in theaters and sporting venues. Under the label of ‘security concerns’ movie theaters are banning bags and baggy jackets. In some urban theaters, the ushers are even doing a quick pat-down as they take tickets. Patrons who were interviewed by the paper were annoyed at the hold-up, but several said that they’d rather be safe than have somebody smuggle a pipe-bomb or bio-weapon (where’d bio-weapons come from?) into a crowded theater.

The thing is, the ushers aren’t looking for weapons. The National Association of Theater Owners representative is quoted saying that the security policies aren’t new. They are part of ongoing efforts for foil copyright theft. They’re looking for camcorders!

Oh, yeah, and food. The food monopoly in theaters and sports arenas is a billion dollar industry. Every unauthorized box of Goobers that gets in is money out of the owners’ pockets. Beer is the contraband most targeted at Fenway or Gillette Stadium.  Hell, the big theater on the Common has even installed a coat-check and bag lockers. They’ll hold onto your banned items and keep them safe for you…for a fee.

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008

We’ve been having about two bomb threats a week since Halloween. Everybody was starting to get pretty blase about them. After seeing the footage coming out of Moriarty, I know I’m going start being more serious about this all.

OK, so this was a just a couple of pipe bombs; probably just some teenager gone around the bend and trying to punish his classmates. But that just isn’t any solace to the ten families in New Mexico who aren’t having their kids come home.

Maybe it’s the whole country that’s gone around the bend. Bush and “Director of Continuity Operations” (what’s his name, Harriman?) still haven’t announced the new election date. Since the Moriarty High School is a polling place, some of the talking heads are saying that this latest attack may make the Bushies rethink the date, again.

Update from DC: Gil’s still doing well. Shawna managed to smuggle him in some food besides the MREs being provided by the Park Rangers. He was sore tonight after doing his “community service” by putting in an hour or so on the bicycle-generator they have set up. Sometimes I think he’s getting more of a kick out of living in a commune than anything else.

Monday, Nov. 3, 2008

Things weren’t as bad at work today as I had thought they’d be. One bomb-threat so far.

At least we’re more organized, more practiced at this than we were after 9/11. I remember one bomb threat that September that had us all filing across New Chardon Street to the muster area in front of the county courthouse. As the first EPA folks got to the front door of the courthouse building, those same doors swing open and all the court employees start streaming out to go to their muster area, directly under our building. We both got pranked at the same time and security folks for the buildings had never bothered to compare their plans.

I also remember when they told us all to evacuate due to some ‘white powder’ on a mail package only to realize that 3/4 of the building would have to evacuate through the loading dock where the suspicious package was. So we all walked back up eleven flights of stairs. Anybody else remember the anthrax attacks? They still haven’t arrested anyone for that have they?