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Monday, Nov. 10, 2008

Ahmed wasn’t at work today as I had hoped. Turns out, part of the deal to get him out of detention was that they pulled his ‘public trust position’ approval. No trust, no job in a federal building, let alone in an agency.

Pissant crap.

Gil is still OK camped out on the Mall. The DC cops, Park Rangers, et. al. have informed them that they are trespassing or camping on federal land without a permit or some such. The PTB have set up a perimeter to ensure that nobody else goes in (including anybody who leaves). They’re still letting folks pass over food and water for now. Some of the protesters responded by closing off the corridor they had left open to the Washington Monument itself. They have a live web-cam at the top of the Monument watching the White House, complete with a countdown to Inauguration Day. The PTB threatened to cut power, but the FAA told them they need to keep the navigational beacons flashing. It’s all very kabuki for now.

Speaking of kabuki, could Hillary have twisted the English language any more during her press conference this afternoon? I still can’t tell if she thinks delaying the elections was justified or not. She regrets, she understands, she mourns, she calls for action, she supports, she feels our pain. She looks way too comfortable perched on that fence waiting to see which way history will go before she jumps.

Fred at least is straight forward; support the president’s decisions in a time of war. I don’t agree with him, but at least he is consistent.

This post was edited on 11/11 to clarify my grammar and the placement of the webcam.  I apologize for being unclear before.


Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008

New parents shouldn’t try and stay up for presidential debates.  I zonked out and missed most of it.  From Slate‘s summary, I didn’t miss much.  More of the same…Hillary showing that she can be tough, Fred saying that he can be trusted by the common man.

I’d preferred Steven Colbert‘s debate with himself (because he’s the only one who could put up a good enough fight) in the hours before.

I started talking with Will and John at work and we were trying to remember the best debates we’ve seen.  There’s the debate where Dukakis put the last nail in his campaign’s coffin by saying he wouldn’t seek the death penalty if someone raped and killed his wife.  There was Perot’s “huge sucking sound” and his Veep-candidate’s question “What am I doing here?”  But the best debate moment of my life has to be Lloyd Bentsen’s famous “You’re no Jack Kennedy” line.

Can anyone think of any others?

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Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008

After talking with friends and colleagues about the upcoming elections, I’ve finally decided to open up a long-delayed blog. Yes, I know everybody has a blog, fictional characters have blogs, but at least this way I’ll be able to see if I’ve been repeating myself.

HilaryI’m a bit of a political junkie, so politics are going to be front-and-center here. There doesn’t seem to be as much to say about the elections… we’ve got just over a month left in this slug-fest, and I’m really not sure that the candidates are going to say anything now that they haven’t said at least once in the past two years of campaigning. Hillary and Thompson have been bashing away at each other since Super Tuesday back in February. We now know all about Hillary’s shady deals at the Rose Law firm and Fred’s shotgun marriage in High School. Everybody’s feeling a little dyspeptic about the candidates we’ve got. I just pray that my life never undergoes that level of scrutiny and fiction-creation.

fredNo, at this point, it’s hard to see how Thompson can make-up the 15-point gap by November. It’ll be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton, for better or worse.

To my mind, I’m more interested to see if the Senate can finally break the filibuster-line with 60 Democrats. With their current advantage, the Dems just need to pick-up 7 or 8 of the 10 up-for-grabs seats. Then maybe we can see something get done in DC.

Next time: So what’s on the agenda?