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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everything we can pack is packed.  We’re keeping both cars in the garage until after midnight (zero-dark early hours Clark calls it – must be a military thing).

We’re signing off here.  This going to be the last post here for a long time, probably ever.  I don’t see us getting a landline phone to the cabin anytime soon, let alone a cable-modem.  I’m not sure that many folks will miss us.  There are bigger things to worry about than just another refugee family.

Refugee — there’s a word that just has a dark hole at it’s center.  We’re leaving home, leaving a place we’ve come to love, a house that we worked hard to buy and where our daughter took her first steps.  And we’re not handing it over to some other family to build their dreams in.  We’re locking it up, leaving most of our stuff, and running.  

The locks won’t last long.  Somebody will break in and clean out anything they think is valuable.  Our furniture, our library, hell the flooring, will probably get turned into kindling this winter.  God I wish we could bring more books…books are civilization (along with hot water).

Nope, eventually the skeleton of this place will become a home for someone new…someone more desperate than us.  I still have the paperwork to claim this place, but it won’t be ours anymore.

And for all that, I sill feel guilty for all we do have.  When I was out haggling for gas this afternoon I saw one of the other Davis-area Dads.  I can’t remember his name, I suck at names, but he’s Connor’s Dad.  Beats me what he was looking for or buying or scrounging.  I was tempted for a second to invite him and his boy along with us to the woods.  April could have a playmate that way.

But we already have five people going to a cabin built for maybe three.  We don’t know if we have enough food for ourselves for winter.  We can’t play at charity.  You don’t reach out for a drowning man unless you are damn sure of your footing on solid ground.  Otherwise you both drown.

I tried getting touch with the rest of my family down in CT.  ‘All lines are currently busy.’  A medic-type down at the Convention Center said she’s with the Red Cross and will get word about Gil down to Liz.  I can’t imagine her going far from her little beach-community, her people, and her grandchildren.  They’ll find her, and she’ll get by.

The saying is that there is a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”  I don’t want interesting anymore.  Let me just look out for my own.  Chop wood, carry water.  Let my fences make good neighbors and may my fences be far off.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A kid from the National Guard came by this afternoon.  They found Gil.  He was in the Convention Center and never had a chance to get out.

I’m sorry about my rant last night.  It wasn’t logical, it served no purpose to scream into the internet.

I’m mostly just numb.


From what we’ve heard, things are getting really strange out west of the city.  A bunch of New Yorkers have seized the bridges over the Hudson all the way up to Albany.  Governor Paterson is apparently saying that he won’t allow his state to serve as a base for government terror.  After 9/11 and the Halloween attacks, New Yorkers have some special moral high ground to preach about bombing civilians in cities.

I don’t know what it will do.  The US units in Connecticut hold pretty much the whole state except places where there aren’t enough people to matter.  Everywhere between here and there is essentially lawless.

Where does a government lawyer fit in here?

I find myself just going over our inventory of food and supplies over and over.  

I’ve gotta go, April’s awake again.  I just pray she doesn’t ask for Paw-Paw again…not sure I can deal.

Monday, September 28, 2009

They’ve called off the search for survivors for the night.  Maybe they’ll look more come the dawn.  Clark and I headed back to Davis Square when the head of the recovery efforts declared that they weren’t going to be using the big floodlights tonight like they did last night.  They’re afraid that the lights will attact more attention from the US planes that were buzzing Southie all day.


I’d tired.  I’m burned (literally in ca couple of places).

The Convention Center in Southie is a smoldering wreck…mostly a crater.  (some guy in uniform said there are at least four different craters but I can’t see it).  

But they’re still pulling the living out.  

And they want to stop looking.  Dammit, MY FATHER’S IN THERE!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Why did he have to be at that blagglefest?  Yeah, cause standing on a stage telling the guys with the bombs have no right to be there is going to make the LESS like ly to hit you.  What kind of logic is that?

The place stunk.  They said it was mostly burning plastic and insulation, and maybe some of it was from when I puked…

I losst track of Clark for a while there.  All i could think was that Neve was gonna shoot me with that shotgun of hers if I got her father killed too.

I’m not making any sense.  Like any of this does.

Fuck it.  You want the city, come take the god-damn city.  It’s not like Boston, like New Engalnd ever was athreat to the world’s only super-power and the assholes who run it.  Just take what you want and let us go back to having our heads in the sand.

Except I want my father.  After everything we went througn back in December, he’s got to still be alive.

Yeah right.  To hell with you all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

They announced the deal.  General Carlson is in exile (welcomed by Portugal if by nobody else).  A Committee on Reconciliation comprising a bunch of ‘luminaries’ and four of the six New England governors is coordinating with US authorities to investigate the Capitol bombing and ‘ensure law and order in the Region.’

It’s a sell-out.  There are already US Army troops in parts of Connecticut.  The Groton sub-base is one of the first places to again fall under US sovereignty.

Don’t believe the media that all of this is going smoothly though.  At least one convoy in the Berkshires got bushwhacked this morning.  I also heard that a US delegation to be sent to Boston was called back because of ‘worries over security on the ground.’

Gil is frothing at the mouth.  On this I agree.  These people, especially the military ones, don’t have the authority to be negotiating let alone capitulating to US thuggishness.  Gil of course is focused on the ‘representatives of the people’ convened for the Constitutional Convention.  He’s all geared-up for that group to assert that it is the only true government on the USNE.

I don’t know about all of New England, but it sounds like the conventioneers have the moral and political high ground here in Boston.  I don’t suppose they care much up in Maine, but I’m not sure they cared about us cityfolk at any point in the past year.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The rumors are flying furiously here in Boston and in the blogosphere.  But this one I believe.

On relatively good authority, I’ve heard that General Carlson has left New England.  An Air France 747 bound for the Azores left Logan early this morning with no filed passenger list.  Supposedly General Carlson, his family, and few of his lieutenants were on the flight.

Somebody cut a deal and I get the feeling we here in Boston are the ones getting hung out to dry.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why do I bother to go into the office?

Nobody is trying to get any work done.  Yeah, we have some more hurricane clean-up tasks.  There are still Muslim refugees to get legally settled.  But nobody wants to push paper when bullets might start flying.

The rumor at my office is that Gov. Patrick, Gen. Carlson, and Gov. Rell are having serious talks with a bunch of US muckety-mucks to try and defuse this whole situation.  On the news we’ve heard that the EU is offering to mediate…or maybe it’s just France.  It seems not everyone always agrees with Monsieur Sarkozy.

Gil in particular is frustrated by the rumors.  The Convention was getting close to a full draft of the NE constitution.  Now all the delagates are too busy talking in back channels or pretending to talk in back channels or being offended they aren’t being invited into closed-door meetings or sitting around behind closed doors repeating what everybody already knows.

And the fragile distribution systems are falling apart.  Neve’s food center didn’t get their shipments today.  And a bunch of teens and pre-teens tried to take off with a cart full of bread from one of the bakeries.  That hasn’t happened in weeks.

Just gotta try and hold it all together.

Monday, Sept. 21, 2009

We didn’t do it.

At least I hope to God we didn’t do it.

No.  There’s no way.  

Folks in New England may have no love lost for George Bush or for the USA in general, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to send a bunch of folks down to DC with a bomb to blow up the Capitol!  Even if we’re trying not to be part of the USA, we don’t hate the US government that much…we were all Americans not so long ago.

Okay, so was Tim McVeigh, but…no.  I still don’t believe it.

We’re on our own here.  We’ve got plenty of our own problems without planning some way to get…what was it…four guys, a front loader and a couple of dump trucks full of ANFO across the border, through god-knows how many checkpoints and into Washington.  And not just into the city, ramming it right into the Capitol building.

Why would a New Englander do that?

I’m not just asking about humanity’s inhumantity here.  What purpose does it serve?  Why attack the Congress.  We don’t have any issue with the Congress except that they refused to reign in a despotic chief executive.  If we we ere going after a a buidling in DC, wouldn’t it be the White House? Or maybe the Pentagon.

No, I don’t buy the line that the Bush White House is pushing.

Islamic terrorists makes more sense to me.  Uighurs and Palestinian terrorists have been using construction vehicles in their attacks since last summer at least.  The Iranians have more cause than we do…we only got hit by a little airstrike, not a full-on bombing campaign.  And does anybody still remember al-Qaida?

But nobody’s looking at them.  Everybody is just calling for the heads of all of us ‘bluebloods’ on a pike.

Not good.