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Roll Credits

Hello all and welcome as I finally break the fourth wall.

For those not sure, yes, NIJOT is offically complete as a story.  It was always concieved of as a one-year project, and I think we got everything into the story that we intended to.

I’d like to extend some special thanks, especially to my wife who pushed me to try this in the first place instead of just talking about “wouldn’t it be neat if…”  As you know, she quickly got wrapped up in the project more directly and added a much-needed home-front perspective.  As you don’t know, she was the one who pushed and prodded to make sure that the gaps between posts weren’t a whole lot longer.

The characters presented in NIJOT were often based off of or mixtures of actual people we know here in the Davis Square area.  This became less and less true as the story progressed, but I’d like to thank my friends and family for the inspiration they provided.

I’d like to thank those of you who joined in the project by adding your in-story comments.  In particular, Peter Stinson (who I swear I have never met before this project started) both commented and drove a fair bit of traffic our way.  Other folks at the Alternate History discussion boards gave some needed feedback and support.

That said, the comments are now open for out-of-story questions, discussions, and abuse.  What did you all like?  What didn’t you like?  What was plausible?  What was absurd?

On a technical note, if anyone knows how to re-arrange the posts in WordPress to allow for easier reading in the order posted, please shoot me a note.  Now that the day-by-day portion of the project is over, I’d like to make it easier for folks to read the ‘archives’ in the proper order.