What the Heck Is This?

— October 4, 2008 —

a message from the authors

Nothing Is Just One Thing (NIJOT) is a work of fiction, now complete.

It is a story presented in the form of a weblog.  Each post was dated a full year ahead of the date is was placed online.  Therefore it is a kind of alternate history.

The story is centered on the McNeils, a youngish, professional family living near the Davis Square area of Cambridge/Somerville, MA.  At the start of the story, we made certain assumptions about what would happen in 2008.  There were a few newsworthy events that we were wrong about, especially the presidential campaigns, but most of our history for 2008 was less eventful than the year we just experienced.  I truly hope that this is not true for the coming year.

Now that there will be no new ‘in-story’ posts, the best way for new readers to approach this project is to start at the first post “Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008” and work your way forward.  We tried to have a new post each day, but often skipped several days at a time.  Some dates have multiple posts to reflect new information and thoughts as the McNeils encountered them.  Folks can read the whole story at once, in several sittings, or follow-along in this alternate world matching their date to the dates on the blog.  I do ask that you at least hold on through October.  Things don’t start to get exciting until November. 

Folks can comment on the already existing posts in their own names or create new personas to comment as. Remember, you should be commenting on the news of the day and the ideas presented in the blog, not on the idea of an alt-history blog or how reasonable, likely, or probable the history being presented is. For the role-players out there, Paul and Genevra are both characters and GM.

If you’d like to comment ‘out-of-story’, there will be a few posts added soon with acknowledgements and a “Reading List”.  Alternately, you can e-mail me at paulxmcneil@gmail.com



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